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Professional Services Marketing Digest

How CPA and Consulting Firm Niche Marketing Programs Get Found & Heard

Posted by Alan Vitberg on Apr 16, 2012 8:46:00 AM

If a Niche Falls in a Forest, Does It Make a Sound?

Your firm’s strategic plan likely calls for you to focus resources on one or more niche markets. That’s a sound practice, as it’s relatively easier to generate leads and build the top line by focusing on narrow markets, and building your brand and authority in those markets.

But it takes a lot more work than just pounding a stake in the ground and declaring your intentions to serve a particular niche. It takes marketing, and an important part of that effort is how you use your website, social media, and thought leadership to become the “go to” accounting or consulting firm for a particular industry, or for a particular horizontal service.

It all starts with getting found first online by prospects in the niche with a particular pain or issue – be it business management, audit, tax or accounting.

In today’s marketing environment, it is imperative that you show up on the first page of search engine rankings because the first 10 results on a search engine page get 90% of the click throughs, and of these, the first three organic rankings get the most traffic.CPA Firm Marketing CTR

Getting found first is the first step in generating more traffic to your website and converting site visitors to leads.  There are five fundamental components of getting found first by businesses searching online for information or a solution to their issues or pains.


  1. A key word strategy used for Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising
  2. A website optimized and built around the key word strategy
  3. Social media accounts, with a heavy emphasis on LinkedIn
  4. A blog, built for posting thought leadership using the key word strategy
  5. A back link strategy, where 3rd party websites “hot link” back to your website (70% to 80% of search engine rankings are based around the quantity and quality of sites back linking to your web site).
  6. RSS feeds to your website and blog

niche marketing for inbound Consistency, persistence and accountability are also part of the niche building equation. As Ben Franklin once said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

VitbergLLC helps accounting and consulting firms market their practices with innovative website, social media and lead generation strategies and tactics. We are experts in inbound marketing for CPA and consulting firms.  For more information, call us at 585 425 2552 or click here.




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