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Professional Services Marketing Digest

6 Awesome Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Bios

Posted by Alan Vitberg on Jan 23, 2012 1:50:00 PM

Marketing Strategies and Tactics State of the Art Bios Will Boost Your CPA, Consulting or Law Firm’s New Business

After you read this post, I want you to do three things.

First, check your analytics on page views. It’s likely that you’ll find that after your home page, the most visited pages on your website are bios. That’s a lot of eyeballs looking for information.

Next, take one of your typical bios and one from your competitors and do a comparison. It’s likely that they’re pretty similar in terms of content and feature the typical mug shot, a list of certifications, and so on.

Third, answer this question: if bios are the most visited page, and if your firm’s bios are virtually the same as your competitors, why aren’t you doing more to make them a viable part of your firm’s inbound marketing program and a path to lead generation?

For any professional services firm’s marketing program, onsite bios need to take a front and center stage. Bios should be a key part of your “get found first strategy”, competitive differentiation strategy, personal brand building tactics, and a critical part of your lead generation program. Here’s 6 marketing strategies and tactics to turn your bios from ordinary to extraordinary:

  1. Optimization – Make sure your bios are optimized for search engines. Headlines, page titles and URL structures and to be coordinated. Instead of using the bland (and typical) “Sally Smith, CPA, JD”  a key word or along tail key word phrase, like “Sally Smith, CPA, JD – Expert in Forensic Accounting”
  2. Give Your Bios Some Spice – Case studies, testimonials, videos, links to published materials, are just some on the ways a bio page can be spiced up. Use these to put some pizzazz on the page, but note that they also have a huge value in terms of SEO and personal branding.
  3. Internal links – Make sure that bios are linked to internal pages on your site, where the visitor can get more information about a particular industry or subject matter.
  4. Use an on-page lead generation conversion tactic – if the professional has a white paper or some other form of valuable content, create a call to action button (“Get Sally’s Latest Whitepaper on ….”), place it on the bio page, and link it to a landing page. Powerful stuff.
  5. Bio to blog links – I hope you know how powerful blogging can be (if not, download our white paper, 5 Reasons Why Partners Must Blog). To make your bio page even more powerful, and deliver even more ROI, put a link in from the bio page to the blog posting … “Read Sally’s Latest Blog Post – Using QuickBooks to Catch Crooks….”
  6. Show Some Personality – there’s nothing wrong about humanizing bios with a little human interest. One of my favorites is to add a section at the end of the bio called, “What My Clients Don’t Know About Me”.

Anybody else have some ideas on making bios more useful for inbound marketing, lead generation or new business? Share them with a comment, below!

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