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lead generation for CPA firms

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State of the Art Inbound Marketing Strategies and Programs

Let Your Prospects Find You!

Instead of interrupting prospects with advertising, e-mails, telemarketing and other outbound tactics, inbound marketing is designed to get prospects taking the initiative to get in touch with you first.

VitbergLLC is one of the nation’s foremost inbound marketing experts for professional services firms. From strategy to training to execution, we’ll help you generate more leads and get more new business.

Our inbound marketing services include:

  • Article writing for link builds
  • Blog writing
  • Conversion metrics and analytics
  • CTA buttons

    Inbound Marketing Strategies and Programs

  • Database development consulting and assistance
  • Drip campaign design
  • Email marketing
  • HubSpot consulting
  • Inbound marketing technology updates
  • Landing pages
  • Lead gen campaign design
  • Lead gen strategy and tactics
  • Link building strategies and tactics
  • Metric analysis
  • Outbound to inbound strategies and tactics
  • PPC strategy
  • Progress reports
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media campaigns
  • Social media setup
  • Webpage writing
  • Personal branding consultation
  • White paper writing and design
  • Conversion rate optimization

Call or contact us for a confidential discussion about complementing your firm’s current marketing program with a state of the art inbound marketing strategies.